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Who are we?

The Chartered Skills Development Institute (CSD Institute) is the global pioneer and authority in granting accredited designations in sales, relationship management and leadership.We have revolutionized career advancement for executives and the field of executive education by developing and granting skills specific global accreditations. Our sales, relationship management and leadership programs are applicable across any industry or profession. Charter holders find the portability across countries and industries attractive.

CSD Institute provides accreditation services for coursework related to sales, relationship management and leadership to higher education providers.

Why did we begin?

Breaking in to the global workforce is a struggle for many graduates and students. Moving up an organization is a competition for executives. Discovering employee potential for authentic leadership is a challenge for senior leaders.

We identify and provide solutions to develop people to achieve extraordinary outcomes in business and life for reasons that are important to them.

What did we research?

Working with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across a range of industries enhanced our understanding of complex people dynamics in organizations. We verified these findings by understanding the commonality of the same dynamics in public firms. We identified certain skills which were positively correlated with higher remuneration and global career flexibility. In a fast evolving global jobs market, these skills are "career game changers". Those who have them will flourish in their professions.

Our programs methodically introduce “game changer” skills to participants.

Global demand for accredited designations

In a rapidly evolving global work environment you may be required to change your job frequently. In this environment your employer may be less keen to invest in training you. Any in-house training you receive from your company may be limiting in its portability and recognition. You need to invest in yourself to acquire the "game changer" skills to remain attractive and globally competitive.

Our programs are designed to give you full freedom and control of your professional life.

Making it work for you

All our programs are rooted in the CSD Philosophy and practical expertise we have, working with multiple industries. The CSD Philosophy is underpinned by solid evidence and continuously improved by incorporating findings from multi-disciplinary research. You will benefit by gaining practical insights in to "game changer" skills. Most programs are designed to minimize your time away from work.

Pearls of wisdom from billions of dollars

We also brought one unique ingredient to the mix: expertise from billions of dollars’ worth of pitches in a variety of industries. Chartered Sales Professional™, Chartered Relationship Management Specialist™ and Certified Business Communicator™ programs were created in close consultation with industry.

We produced the Global Leadership Program to assist experienced people leaders and industry pioneers to further their careers and leadership skills.

We recognized the importance of helping youth gain core leadership skills early. The Certified Youth Leader™ program was specifically designed to assist young adults realize their leadership potential.

We deliver the designations around the world in order to keep accessibility equitable.

Our collaboration across industries around the world enables us to improve the curricula ensuring all program content to be relevant and up-to-date.

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