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Certified Business Communicator, CBC™

The Certified Business Communicator™ is a one-day global communication development program. You will gain a clear process to become an excellent communicator in a range of business settings. The program draws on research in diverse fields such as psychology and neuro-economics, to help you deliver persuasive messages. You will learn the critical elements of communications through interactive lectures and discussions, case-studies and role-plays.

Those who successfully attend the full day and complete all assigned activities will earn the right to use Certified Business Communicator™ designation and the post nominal CBC™.


What will you learn?

Communicators must connect with their audiences in substantive ways that go far beyond the giving of information. You will develop clear, concise and compelling communications, focused on verbal and written delivery. The program will take a practical look at;

  • Planning an effective outcome
  • Emotionally connecting with an audience
  • Developing persuasive messages for an audience to action

Detailed description and agenda including course codes will be made available to candidates after registration.
Who should attend?

The program is open to anyone who needs to develop their professional communication skills. Communication is the core of persuasion and leadership. Great communicators motivate audience for commitment, not merely compliance. The program helps plan and deliver high-impact messages. We encourage a healthy mix of participants from varying backgrounds in our programs. You may come from any industry, educational background or experience.

Sample Participant Mix

By Job Function

By Industry
Why you, why now?

Nearly every other management skill depends on your ability to communicate effectively, formally or informally, in person or in writing. Invest in yourself to develop a confident mindset to deliver persuasive messages that lead others to action. Those who complete the program and accredited earn the right to use the post-nominal CBC™ improve both personal and corporate outcomes.


  • You will develop a mental state of confidence and control to deliver persuasive messages in high-pressure situations.

  • You will make an audience act on your advice; not because they have to, but because they want to!

  • The CBC™ accreditation will help you demonstrate your higher-order communications skills to employers and recruiters.


  • You will be better able to articulate key messages and engage clients.

  • Good communicators are invaluable for organisations in strategy execution.

  • You will develop communication processes which will improve efficiency and productivity.

Application Process

Fill out the following application and email it to

Eligibility and Selection criteria

Applicants need to be;

18 years or older

Well proficient in spoken English to participate effectively in all activities and case studies. This may be demonstrated via;

  • Higher education qualifications where the medium of instruction was English (e.g. Bachelors, Masters or Professional qualifications) OR;
  • Standard tests (e.g. TOEFL, SAT and IELTS), OR;
  • An English language secondary and higher education, OR;
  • Native speaker of English OR;
  • Other demonstrable ability of English (e.g. work experience where the language of business was English for a minimum of 4 years)

All fees will be due within two weeks after email notification of admission.

Please click here for more details on the admission process and fee policy.

Cost and Dates

Costs of all designations are advertised in the local media of the country where the programs are held. Please contact us for a list of dates and prices of upcoming programs in your country.
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