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Chartered Relationship Management Specialist, CRMS™

The Chartered Relationship Management Specialist, CRMS™ is a two-day global relationship management development program. It is the only global relationship management program that awards an accreditation and post-nominal. We have leveraged from the latest advances in Neuroscience and behavioural psychology to help you gain self and social awareness skills to perform at your peak in any career. The program helps you add depth and clarity to key relationships in business and life.

Those who attend both days of the program and complete all assigned activities will earn the right to use the designation "Chartered Relationship Management Specialist" and the post nominal CRMS™. You will be issued with the certificates verifying your chartered membership status at the end of the program.


What will you learn?

You will be introduced to the Inside-Out Connection Model© with applications and case studies from exclusive executive pitches. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the following areas;

  • What is my Click Factor Rating©? Your ability to accurately perceive your emotions, stay aware and how you react are crucial steps toward self-discovery. You explore your unique strengths and weaknesses using our assessment tools.

  • How do I make my Click Factor Rating© work for my clients? Your ability to use awareness of your emotions and understanding the emotions of others to manage interactions will be a basic building block of a great relationship. A solid foundation will lead to increased trust and better outcomes.

  • What’s in a Happiness Vision© for my clients? Happiness is the optimal state of being in human relationships. We help you formulate critical elements to realise the highest state in your key business relationships.

  • Can I click? We explore the factors which increase the likelihood of magic connections at work and in your personal life. We develop a narrative from science on how to bring our "A-Game" to all our interactions in the world around us.

  • Inside-Out Connection Model© is a client engagement process grounded in reflecting your strong internal attitudes to persevere and win at difficult times in a client relationship. The process provides a road map to help you remain focused and in your strongest state.

Detailed description and agenda including course codes will be made available to candidates after registration.
Who should attend?

The program is open to anyone who needs to build relationships to maximize desired outcomes at work or in life. Great relationships should not be limited to your personal life. The ability to adopt empowering behaviours to maximize your potential is a significant pathway to great leadership. Participants may come from any industry, educational background or experience.

Sample Participant Mix

By Job Function

By Industry
Why you, why now?

Where ever you want to take your career, relationships will determine your success. Good relationship skills shape the impression of you. Invest in yourself to leave the right impression.

Those who complete the program and earn the right to use the post-nominal CRMS improve both personal and corporate outcomes.


  • Increase productivity through a deliberate focus on your strengths.

  • You will have a strong framework to become a great authentic leader.

  • Earn global career flexibility through CRMS™ using new cross-functional management skills.


  • You will secure more wins from existing clients through a deeper engagement model.

  • You will increase your rate and value of new account development through a high-touch, high-margin relationship model.

  • You will be able to better execute corporate strategies and manage change.

Application Process

Fill out the following application and email it to

Eligibility and Selection criteria

Applicants need to be;

18 years or older

Well proficient in spoken English to participate effectively in all activities and case studies. This may be demonstrated via;

  • Higher education qualifications where the medium of instruction was English (e.g. Bachelors, Masters or Professional qualifications) OR;
  • Standard tests (e.g. TOEFL, SAT and IELTS), OR;
  • An English language secondary and higher education, OR;
  • Native speaker of English OR;
  • Other demonstrable ability of English (e.g. work experience where the language of business was English for a minimum of 4 years)

All fees will be due within two weeks after email notification of admission.

Please click here for more details on the admission process and fee policy.

Cost and Dates

Costs of all designations are advertised in the local media of the country where the programs are held. Please contact us for a list of dates and prices of upcoming programs in your country.
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