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The Chartered Sales Professional, CSP™

The Chartered Sales Professional™ is a two-day intensive global sales development program. It is the only global sales development program that awards an accreditation and post-nominal. You will learn to move fast and woo clients using methods that have worked in high-stakes sales. You will develop a repeatable frame-work for executing a professional sale, drawing from multi-disciplinary research. Those who attend both days of the program and complete all assigned activities will earn the right to use the designation "Chartered Sales Professional™" and the post nominal "CSP" after their name. You will be issued with the certificates verifying your chartered membership status at the end of the program.


What will you learn?

The program is highly interactive. Case studies which have been drawn from billion dollar pitches in a range of industries form the core practical exercises. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the following areas;

  • The thinking and feeling brain – Advances in Neuroscience is making us understand more about how and why we make decisions. We explore how you make decisions under uncertainty and how people choose between competing prospects.

  • How do we buy? Emotions, memories, herd instincts and other intangibles all influence our buying decisions. Does cost-benefit analysis matter in a high-stakes sale? We look at how the brain explores the urge and instinct to buy.

  • So you think you are different? Some people move you while others annoy and bore you. Why is that so? We leverage the science behind this common barrier to communication and create a powerful framework to both speak and be heard.

  • Woo and be wooed – Step in to someone else’s shoes and reframe your orientation to get their perspective to persuade them. Strike a balance between your credibility and others’ needs, perceptions and feelings.

  • What’s in a question? Questions are more powerful than words. We introduce you to the Emotional Questioning Technique (EQT) ©. The EQT is a high-impact questioning methodology we have developed to drill in to true motivations behind decisions.

  • The great negotiator – Forget everything you ever thought about "negotiations". Win-win does not work and it should not be the objective of any effective negotiation. Our method is about empowering you to be clear about your goals and then get the right results.

Detailed description and agenda including course codes will be made available to candidates after registration.
Who should attend?

The program is open to anyone who needs to effectively influence or negotiate to obtain a favourable outcome at work or in life. A sale is not restricted to selling goods and services. Every time you need to present an idea, ask for higher remuneration or want that next promotion, you need to make a sale. Participants may come from any industry, educational background or experience.

Sample Participant Mix

By Job Function

By Industry
Why you, why now?

Exceptional sales professionals attract premium remuneration. Invest in yourself to become exceptional. Those who earn the CSP™ accreditation stand out in the highly competitive global employment environment.

You improve both personal and corporate outcomes through this program.


  • You become an accomplished individual skilled to negotiate complex sales.

  • Earn global career flexibility by using the CSP™ as a sign of your commitment to sales.

  • Achieve increased sales to enjoy higher financial rewards and recognition.


  • Increase sales through novel strategic methods taught in the program.

  • Provide true sales leadership making both you and your firm invaluable to your customers.

  • Facilitate and synthesize various client needs to maximize desired outcomes for both parties.

Application Process

Fill out the following application and email it to

Eligibility and Selection criteria

Applicants need to be;

18 years or older
Well proficient in spoken English to participate effectively in all activities and case studies. This may be demonstrated via;

  • Higher education qualifications where the medium of instruction was English (e.g. Bachelors, Masters or Professional qualifications) OR;
  • Standard tests (e.g. TOEFL, SAT and IELTS), OR;
  • An English language secondary and higher education, OR;
  • Native speaker of English OR;
  • Other demonstrable ability of English (e.g. work experience where the language of business was English for a minimum of 4 years)

All fees will be due within two weeks after email notification of admission.

Please click here for more details on the admission process and fee policy.

Cost and Dates

Costs of all designations are advertised in the local media of the country where the programs are held. Please contact us for a list of dates and prices of upcoming programs in your country.
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