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The Certified Youth Leader™is a one-day global youth development program. Young adults will discover tools and methods that empower them to become great leaders both at university and life beyond.

Those who attend the full day and complete all assigned activities will earn the Certified Youth Leader™ title. You may use this accreditation to demonstrate your leadership credentials to prospective employers or education institutions.

The program is focused on helping you understand yourself as a leader and how to empathize with others for a positive outcome. You will be immersed in a range of leadership topics. Key areas include;

  • Self-awareness and leadership strengths
  • Planning and executing goals
  • Developing and delivering persuasive messages to an audience.
Detailed description and agenda including course codes will be made available to candidates after registration.
Who should attend?

The course aims to help young adults enter higher education or employment with confidence and create a platform for personal growth. The accreditation is also aimed at helping distinguish the truly focused young adults to stand out in a very competitive higher education environment. The successful completion of the program demonstrates the willingness and potential of prospective students to become effective future leaders.
Application Process

Fill out the following application and email it to
Eligibility and Selection criteria

Very strict age limits apply. The program is only open to individuals aged 15 through 19 at the time of completion.

Well proficient in spoken English to participate effectively in all activities and case studies. This may be demonstrated via;
  • An English language secondary and higher education (completed or ongoing), OR;
  • Standard tests (e.g. TOEFL, SAT and IELTS), OR;
  • Native speaker of English OR;
  • Other demonstrable ability of English (e.g. work experience where the language of business was English for a minimum of 4 years)
Please click here for more details on the admission process and fee policy.
Cost and Dates
Prices of all programs are advertised in the local media of the country where they are held. Please contact us for a list of dates and prices of upcoming programs.
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