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Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program is a two-day highly selective, advanced leadership platform for senior executives. You will have a practical understanding of intrinsic motivation and learn techniques to access your most productive mindset to achieve clear leadership goals. The program uses breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy, to provide powerful techniques for greater leadership skills.


What will you learn?

You will develop in to an authentic and empathetic leader who can grow the business and individuals by;

  • Having a deep understanding of your own emotions and intrinsic motivators
  • Delegating effectively for increased productivity
  • Coaching colleagues at all levels to achieve their most productive states
  • Driving innovation and collaboration

Detailed description and agenda including course codes will be made available to candidates after registration.
Who should attend?

The program is open to current senior leaders who are responsible for both revenue growth and people leadership. You may come from any industry, profession and educational background. Typical attendees may include;

  • CEO’s and pioneers of small businesses
  • Direct reports to CEO’s of large corporations
  • Managers about to take on higher responsibilities
Why you, why now?

Great authentic leaders are always in demand. Every individual has some qualities of great leadership in them. Few know how to harness their strengths to become authentic leaders. We provide you with methods to access and sharpen your strengths, while limiting the impact of inhibiting qualities on the way to become a great leader.

Those who complete the program improve their leadership skills by;

  • Increasing productivity and employee engagement through successful delegation
  • Higher retention of best performing staff by understanding intrinsic motivation
  • More time for business innovation and creativitynovation and creativity
Application Process

Fill out the following application and email it to

Eligibility and Selection criteria

Have at least 7 years of managing a team of a minimum of 3 members.

Well proficient in spoken English to participate effectively in all activities and case studies. This may be demonstrated via;

  • Higher education qualifications where the medium of instruction was English (e.g. Bachelors, Masters or Professional qualifications) OR;
  • Standard tests (e.g. TOEFL, SAT and IELTS), OR;
  • An English language secondary and higher education, OR;
  • Native speaker of English OR;
  • Other demonstrable ability of English (e.g. work experience where the language of business was English for a minimum of 4 years)

Please note that admission to this program is highly selective.

Please click here for more details on the admission process and fee policy.

Cost and Dates

Prices of all programs are advertised in the local media of the country where they are held. Please contact us for a list of dates and prices of upcoming programs.
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